The Teachers

Hollis Dannahan

Hollis Dannaham started her yogic journey 35 years ago practicing Kundalini Yoga. She then developed a strong Vinyasa Practice and finally in 2011 completed a 500 hour ISHTA Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training. ISHTA is the Sanskrit word for individual and so Hollis’ classes emphasize coming to the mat exactly as you are and taking with you what practices will support you on your individual path. ISHTA also stands for Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurvedic. In the last 3 years Hollis has practiced and focused on Yin Yoga in order to heal some physical challenges and she is enthusiastic to share this quiet yet powerful practice with you.

Wolfgang Thom

Wolfgang is a healing artist, meditation and yoga teacher who devotes his life to reconnect himself and his students to the deep beauty, which lies within each one of us.
As a multimedia visual artist and event designer, Wolfgang has been fortunate enough to study and explore the Alexander Technique, Rolfing, Continuum Movement, Pilates-Core Alignment, Body Mind Centering and Trauma Therapy.  Wolfgang is a disciple of yogiraj Alan Finger and part of the Ishta Yoga lineage. He is a certified advanced (500hr) Ishta yoga and meditation teacher.

ISHTA stands for Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Aryuveda and is a breath-based system that incorporates alignment, meditation and healing bodywork. Each student is assisted to find his or her most healing approach to their practice based on their body type and individual needs. In order to facilitate awareness of the relationship between self, body and mind, Wolfgang uses breathing and visualization techniques as well as sound healing and intuitive touch.

To schedule a private class or for his public class schedule please call 845.626 3539or contact

Ali Abbruzzi


IMG_2870Ali is a life-long seeker who has discovered that the greatest gifts of healing and peace lie within. With a light-filled and open-hearted class, Ali’s ultimate aim is to connect her students to the divine birthright of joy and health inherent in all of us. Through breathing techniques, meditative movements, creative visualizations, and immense gratitude, Ali believes in making yoga accessible to all. Her classes are fundamental in nature, focusing on basic poses, proper alignment, and slow, flowing sequences harmonizing breath, body, and mind.   Ali is a Shakti certified yoga teacher, a certified Shake Your Soul: The Yoga of Dance facilitator, and a certified Kripalu Yoga in the Schools instructor.

 For more information about Ali or her class contact  or call (845) 853-9199.

Judith Schafman, Ph. D.

Dream Worker, Artist, and Gestalt Practitioner, Jude offers “soul medicines”: deep dream work, imaginative self-expression, connecting with nature through art, and psychological work. All support personal expansion and strong connection to one’s inner wisdom.  She writes essays on dream life called Dream Work Tales, is founder of The Four Seasons Workshops, and offers one-on-one day long “break -through” consultation for professional people, called The Aupsicious Conversation.  Her workshops, classes and private consultations are all available at IRIS.  Go for further information.


Barbara Fornal

Barbara is a certified herbalist, plant spirit healer, plant communication educator, experienced drummer and a facilitator of women’s journey circles. She is also a former elementary school educator of 35 years.

Through her herbal practice, Gifts From Nature, she has come to hold a strong belief that everyone has the ability to heal themselves. Her desire is to have people learn to use the wild plants to make their medicine and, along with the ability of animal and plant spirits, to heal on all levels physical, emotional and spiritual. Through these alternative disciplines Barbara hopes people will remember who they are and the true path they came here to walk.

Barbara received training from herbalist, Jennifer Costa of Woodstock, NY and plant spirit healer, Pam Montgomery of Danby, VT along with many other wonderful teachers since beginning her practice in 1990.

Barbara has lived with her husband, Steven, in Accord, NY for 23 years where she forages the wild to find her medicine and healing spirits.

For more information about Barbara or her classes, email her or call (845) 626-4621

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