IRIS: The Light of Creation

Each flicker and opening of light,  Each nail, once a child of stone;  The shaping of wood forming  Around this home, a refuge for  Friends forming love around  Wounds, or laughter, dance, song,  And play around imagination; each  Leaf changing hue  READ MORE


Iris As Partner: The Desire to Collaborate, Part II

What does that mean?  It was at that moment I felt a deep looking into the very heart and soul of our Iris vision: to help cultivate community relationships in such ways that foster individual and organizational support of each other's passion to create a  READ MORE


A Retreat Space Celebrating Community and Healing

Just over eight years ago, we followed our vision and planted our roots in this eight-acre wooded wonderland.  Our first son Teo four months away, and Sebastian, nineteen months later.  The vision was simple: an intergenerational...  READ MORE