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Soundscapes and Movement



Date: Every Thursday 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Explore the energetic world that is you through intuitive movement supported by the sounds of Sonic Elixirs. In this class, a safe and sacred container is created through meditation, sound as prayer and subtle spoken guidance throughout to open our minds and hearts to deep states of awareness and exploration of what “come up” to be seen.

Class Teacher

Madeleine Grace

Sonic elixirs is a heart beat. A pulsation dedicated to expressing the unexpressed and hidden parts of our inner nature. A frequency, permeating and inspiring authenticity. Madeleine's intention is to imbue love into one another, the land, our earthen bodies and the wispy tendrils of our spirit as we bridge the worlds of material and spirit– of the performance and healing arts. My goal is to add to the vitality of the world through space holding, open creative expression, and compassion.