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Sabina Kurz

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Sabina has devoted her life to Transformation and Empowerment and supporting others on their path to Healing. Being confronted from an early age with many health challenges, she has embarked on a journey of profound self-healing with Mother Nature's medicine. This has led to a grander mission of sharing all healing modalities she explored on herself in the "Sacred Warrior Path" so others can experience the same miraculous results. Sabina trusts that the healer lies within and she is here to guide others to facilitate their own healing and reconnect them to their inner power.


As long as Sabina can remember she has pushed the boundaries of creativity, and passionately explored myriad avenues of creative expression ranging from filmmaking, acting, writing, design, photography and dancing. After studying Fashion Design in Paris she moved to New York and embarked on a career as Fashion Stylist working with Hollywood celebrities, top models and rock stars. Being exposed to high profile talents she got inspired to create her own films. Her first short film “Autumn Dawn” screened at Tribeca Cinema in NYC in 2007. Simultaneously she has been a devoted student of spirituality and personal development for over 20 years, studying yoga, meditation, holistic nutrition, herbalism, empowered communication, conscious leadership and alternative healing modalities.


In 2007 Sabina has published "Cracked Open - From Living Hell to Living Miracles", a book with still images from her films woven together with poetry, transformational stories and the divine wisdom of the Earth. The book was inspired by her own healing from heartbreak, abandonment and betrayal through shamanic rituals using emotional pain as a tool for transformation.