Nixa De Bellis

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Nixa De Bellis

  • Yoga Instructor

Practicing yoga since 1984, Nixa is a wellness advocate, teacher and author of the Lifestyle Transformation Method. Nixa designs practices for high vibration functioning and radical self care. She uses wisdom teachings, radiance practices from the yoga tradition and distilled plant essences for healing the physical body, the mood, the mind, the nervous system, and the life force. 

Nixa is a ritualist who knows that health must include regular emotional and spiritually contemplative practices. She puts ancient and modern alchemy, meditation and sensory mediated neuroendocrinology together on your calendar to organize healing daily. She draws from South Indian Tantra and local Katonah Yoga principles in her work.

Around the globe Nixa leads workshops, high caliber wellness retreats and assists individuals in thriving beyond their challenges.


MISSION: Crafting refinement, healthy maturity and elevated joy.