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Family Yolates



Date: First Sunday 10:30 AM to 12:00 AM

Living Yolates, facilitated by Anna, is a practice of conscious breath, chi gong, free style dancing, pilates & yoga  - where you tap in to a feeling of self empowerment, ease and flow for your life. 

It is a healing practice that allows the body to release tensions, as well as both emotional and physical toxins so that the body and mind can go into a greater state of balance and peace

It’s a way of exercising that allows your heart to sing, your hips to flow and it feels more like a celebration of the body than it feels like exercising at all - the sweat supports your cleanse and the strength through core work reflects in your life by building up your stamina - self worth and confidence, the stretches balance and harmonize your meridians which supports the detoxing and health for your body, as the stretches also balance and harmonize your chakras and energy field, so when you go into deep relaxation, you can connect to your higher self, as you listen and tune into your soul that emanates through time and space, which has an infinite amount of positive possibilities laying ahead of it.

Class Teacher

Anna Falck

Anna was born and raised in Denmark.

After finishing the Living Yolates Teacher training in Copenhagen, she met her future husband, who had contributed to the education with his guided Orkie meditations and who lives in New York.

Anna now divides her time between Copenhagen and New York, where she teaches both kids and adults to express their joy and light through their bodies and minds. Her passion for Yolates is that it takes such few moves to keep a healthy flow through our meridians - which support our whole body’s wellbeing.  The more flow we create, the better we feel, and the brighter and more harmonized we can allow our energy fields to be, the clearer our minds get and the more goodness we can both give and receive in our life.