A Retreat Space Celebrating Community and Healing

Just over eight years ago, we followed our vision and planted our roots in this eight-acre wooded wonderland.  Our first son Teo four months away, and Sebastian, nineteen months later.  The vision was simple: an intergenerational yoga and healing arts retreat center that holds space for both community-building and raising our family.  A wildly inviting landscaped space of many colorful flower and food gardens that honors and celebrates nature and our relationship to nature.  A space for folks near and far to bring and share their creative gifts of music, yoga, dance, art, story-telling, meditation, shamanistic journeying, consciousness studies, sound healing, permaculture, cooking, tai chi, authentic movement, dreamwork, women's circles, and more.

A space to rest, to retreat, to leave behind, for now, the noise of the day and enter into the interior silence of receiving.  Iris is space to receive because generosity is the very direction of relationship.  And relationship is the very purpose and meaning of Iris.

Come visit. Come play. Help us fulfill the dream.

With Love,
Sibylle and Paul
Sebastian and Teo

Posted by: Sibylle and Paul